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Master of Business Administration, 1997


Two-Year Candidates

Abdullah, Y. TH
Apostolopoulos, V. JE
Arango, S. NH
Banza Mwana, K. HH
Brown, T. HH
Chen, G. TH
Chisholm, T. ED
Chung, C. DAR
Cohen, S. DOW
Cummings, K. HH
Curtis, A. SE
Di Blasio, A. Q
Finlayson, J. JE
Gangesar, P. W
Hassan, N. PEM
Huang, E. F
Kirn, B. G
Lai, J. LC
Liu, Y. LC
Mackey, S. LC
Maschek, M. Q
Mathews, M. LC
Mazidzoglou, V. JE
Odutola, A. CLH
Pfleuger, A. M
Picklesimer, P. G
Prasad, M. CAI
Salmon, R. CAI
Sanchez Gaspar, J. CHU
Schnelle, K. JE
Smith, C. F
Srivastav, P. CHU
Surur, N. PEM
Toot, D. R
Williams, T. W
Xiong, J. R
Zeng, J. W

Three-Year Candidates

Goodband, S. LC
Metherell, J. PEM

 N. Oliver, S. Dawson, G. Dissanaike, N. Morgan

1 October 1997

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Cambridge University Reporter, 22nd October 1997
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