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The Harkness Fellowships


Please note that the closing date has passed. Next year's timetable is likely to be similar.

Applications for Fellowships are invited from men and women with wide and substantial experience in their own professional fields, to enable them and their families to spend up to one year in the USA. Applicants must be British citizens. Although there are no formal age limits, Fellows are normally between their late 20's and early 40's.

The Harkness programme encourages opinion formers and professional leaders to benefit from new ideas, practices and contacts in the USA with a view to enhancing UK developments: to build enduring relationships of value to professional communities on both sides of the Atlantic, and to sustain an international network of experts and practitioners addressing major social policy issues in a practical way.

We are looking for exceptional men and women to put forward programme proposals concerned with one or more of the following areas of common concern to the USA and the UK:

The Fellowships provide for men, women and their families to spend from seven months to a year in the USA. They include living expenses, return fares, extensive travel within the US and medical insurance. Recent Fellows have included managers, physicians, lawyers, policy analysts, economists, journalists, social scientists, educators and central and local government officers.

Fellows' families are welcomed and play a full part, professionally and socially, in the Harkness experience. Advice can be sought from earlier Fellows as well as from our own staff on the range of rewarding activities available.

For application forms and further details of emoluments and programme content, send a stamped (36p), addressed envelope measuring 10 inches by 7 inches to Harkness Fellowships, 28 Bedford Square, London WC1B 3EG. Application forms had to have been submitted by 4 p.m., 16 October 1997; forms were not available by post after 10 October. Short listed candidates will be interviewed in London in January 1998. Fellows begin their tenure in August 1998.

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