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Bartle Frere Exhibitions: Notice

Statutes and Ordinances, 1997, pp. 679 and 725

Bartle Frere Exhibitions are awarded annually for study or research in any branch of knowledge relating to a Commonwealth country other than the United Kingdom, Bangladesh, India, or Pakistan. The total sum available for awards in 1998 is about £3,000. The General Board will give preference to Graduate Students intending to spend the period of tenure undertaking research in one of the countries provided for in the regulations but undergraduates will also be considered. In 1997, ten awards were made of £350 each.

In order to discourage over-optimistic applications, the Electors draw the particular attention of potential applicants to the size of awards which it has been usual for them to offer in recent years. In addition the Managers wish to make known that they do not expect there to be sufficient funds to support the following activities: participation in study programmes or language courses, or in conferences (either to present a paper or to attend), or in charitable activities; fieldwork for M.Phil. theses; medical electives; seeing veterinary practice.

Successful applicants will normally offer both a good academic record and a good project proposal.

Applications must be made on the prescribed form and sent to the office of the Board of Graduate Studies by 12 February 1998. Applications by members of the University must be submitted through the applicant's Tutor; applications by other qualified persons should be submitted direct. Copies of the application form may be obtained from the office of the Board of Graduate Studies, 4 Mill Lane, Cambridge, CB2 1RZ.

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