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Girton College


Girton College offers a Graduate Research Scholarship to a qualified candidate from the U.K. or overseas from 1 October 1998, to be elected in June 1998.

The Scholarship normally has the value of a British Academy maintenance grant, plus approved University and College fees (at home students' level only), but is determined in the light of the successful candidate's income from other sources.

The Scholarship is open to students who have graduated or will have graduated before 1 October 1998. A first-class degree is almost always required and election will be conditional on the candidate's being granted Graduate Student status by the University of Cambridge. The holder must become a member of the College and either be a candidate for the Ph.D. Degree, or be enrolled on a course leading to the Ph.D. Degree.

The Scholarship will be for one year, and will normally be renewable for one further year.

Application forms may be obtained from the College Secretary, Girton College, Cambridge, CB3 0JG, and must be completed and returned by 1 April 1998.

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