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Arnold Gerstenberg Fund and Studentship: Notice

Statutes and Ordinances, 1997, p. 729

The Managers give notice that one or more Arnold Gerstenberg Studentships in philosophical study will be offered for the academical year 1998-99.

A Studentship is open to any person who is or is about to become a member of the University in statu pupillari or a registered Graduate Student, provided that he or she has successfully completed a course of study in Natural Science at the University of Cambridge or another university. (Please note that 'Natural Science' does not include pure mathematics or philosophy of science.) All candidates must declare their intention, if elected, of pursuing a course of philosophical study.

A Studentship is tenable in the first instance for one year and, unless otherwise determined by the Managers, shall be tenable for the academical year 1998-99. However, a Studentship may be extended by the Managers for a second or third year, provided that the Managers are satisfied with the Student's progress in philosophical study in the previous year.

A Student shall receive such emolument, within a range determined from time to time by the Council, as the Managers shall determine in each case after taking account of his or her financial circumstances. If the tenure of a Studentship is extended beyond one year, the value of the emolument shall be reassessed each year. The Managers may for good cause delay, reduce, or withhold payment to a Student, and may for good cause deprive a Student of the Studentship.

Applications should be sent to the Registrary so as to reach him not later than 8 May 1998, and must be accompanied by (a) a clear statement of the course of philosophical study the applicant proposes to pursue, (b) full particulars of his or her university career, (c) names of not more than three referees, who have agreed to send references to the Registrary directly by the closing date and (d) as detailed as possible a financial statement.

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