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Raymond and Edith Williamson Studentships: Notice

Statutes and Ordinances, 1997, p. 851

The Managers give notice that one or more Raymond and Edith Williamson Studentships will be offered for the academical year 1998-99. A Studentship is open to any person who is, or is about to be, registered as a Graduate Student in the University, and who intends to undertake advanced study or research in the history of the biological sciences, including medicine.

A Studentship will be tenable for one year in the first instance: a Student will be eligible for re-election, up to a minimum tenure of three years.

The value of a Studentship will be determined by the Managers, taking account of any other financial resources available to the Student; the maximum value will be £4,000 a year

Applications should be sent to the Registrary so as to reach him not later than 24 June 1998, and must be accompanied by (a) a clear statement of the course of advanced study or research that the applicant proposes to pursue, (b) a full curriculum vitae, (c) the names of two referees, who should be asked to send references direct to the Registrary by 24 June, and (d) a full financial statement giving details of any other funds granted or applied for.

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