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Grants for study or research from the Smuts Memorial Fund: Notice

Statutes and Ordinances, 1997, pp. 679 and 821

The Managers of the Smuts Memorial Fund give notice that they are prepared to consider applications for grants in support of study or research that would contribute to the advancement of Commonwealth Studies in the University. All applications must be made on the forms provided, which may be obtained from the Secretary to the Managers of the Smuts Memorial Fund, 4 Mill Lane, Cambridge, CB2 1RZ. Applications for grants towards the purchase of audio-visual equipment, and for the purchase of associated consumables, for use in fieldwork must be made on the separate form provided for the purpose.

The Managers have agreed not to make grants to undergraduates or to those following M.Phil. or other one- year courses; they will not ordinarily award grants for the financing of group expeditions; nor will they make grants to persons not returning to Cambridge at the end of their period of study abroad. The Managers do not normally expect to make more than one substantial award to a Graduate Student in the course of his or her research for a degree.

Applications for study grants are considered by the Managers once each term. The closing dates for applications are: 1 January 1998 for consideration in the Lent Term 1998; 1 March 1998 for consideration in the Easter Term 1998; and 1 October 1998 for consideration in the Michaelmas Term 1998.

The Managers are prepared also to consider, at any time, applications for grants not exceeding £100 for the copying of documents in the field of Commonwealth Studies. Such grants are made on condition that the copies become the property of the Managers of the Fund and are deposited on permanent loan in a library within the University. Applications should contain a description of the material, which should constitute a substantial set of documents which will be of value to subsequent research workers, and an assurance that the necessary permission for copying has been obtained. Graduate Students applying for such grants should arrange for their application to be accompanied by a letter of support from their Supervisor.

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