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Mary Euphrasia Mosley Fund: Notice

Statutes and Ordinances, 1997, p. 774

The Managers invite applications for awards from the Mary Euphrasia Mosley Fund for the encouragement of travel to the countries of the Commonwealth and Dependent territories, excluding the United Kingdom, for the promotion of study or research and for the maintenance of good relations between them. Candidates must be members of the University who are not of standing to become Masters of Arts. Postgraduate Students will not normally be supported.

Applications must be sent to the Registrary, University Registry, The Old Schools, Cambridge (Network tel. 32317) so as to reach him not later than 1 March annually. Applicants should also ask not more than two persons, of whom one may be a Tutor, to send supporting letters to the Registrary, to reach him not later than the closing date. The Managers will meet towards the end of April.

The income of the Fund does not usually make it possible for awards to exceed £200 per applicant. When more than one individual is involved in any project a separate application, with supporting letters, must be submitted by each applicant. Applicants must state clearly which country or countries they intend to visit. Forms of application may be obtained from the University Registry. Six documents must be returned to the Registrary - the original and five copies. Successful applicants are required to submit a report and a financial report of their expedition to the Registrary by 1 December annually.

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