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Swiss Government Grants

The Swiss Government generally offers two scholarships for one academic year at a Swiss university/institution in Switzerland.


Candidates must be British nationals under thirty-five. Intended for postgraduate students (postgraduate status at beginning of studies), whose stay in Switzerland is meant to enable them to deepen their knowledge and to carry out research on those subjects for which the Swiss universities are particularly noted. A working knowledge of French or German is essential. Candidates must have a definite aim with regard to their studies. The application must be accompanied by a 'study plan' giving details of subject matter, aim of studies and proposed thesis, etc. Furthermore the candidates are expected to have established written contact with a professor at the university of their choice. Please note that candidates who apply under the British-Swiss inter-university exchange scheme are particularly welcome.

Applicants will be invited to the Embassy late in December/early January for interview and language test. In some cases a scholarship will only be granted on condition that the candidate attends an introductory language course in Fribourg, to be held from mid-July until October. An additional scholarship for this course will be granted. Results will be notified around May.

Music and Art scholarships

In addition to the above mentioned scholarships, the Swiss Government offers grants to music or art students from industrialized countries. Conditions, etc. as above.

Candidates should note that it is compulsory in the case of some conservatoires to take an entrance examination (audition) upon arrival there, even if a scholarship has been awarded. Failing this exam may jeopardize the scholarship.

Amount of the scholarships

The monthly allowance is SFr. 1,650.00 for postgraduate and art students and SFr. 1,450.00 for students not having obtained a university degree (the B.A. and B.Sc. Degrees are not necessarily recognized as university degrees).


The scholarships are tenable for one study year (nine months). They cannot, in general, be extended.


Travel expenses must be borne by the candidates.

Method of application

Application forms and additional information can be obtained from Ms Monika Graf at the Swiss Embassy, tel. 0171-616 6000 x372 (16/18 Montagu Place, London, W1H 2BQ); Internet: http://www.swissembassy.org.uk/; E-mail: 100634.3637@compuserve.com. State whether in French or German.

The closing date for receipt of application is 15 December 1997.

Scholarships are hardly ever awarded for medical studies.

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