Welcome to the Health and Safety Office

Our staff provide a central resource for health and safety to complement and support the work of safety officers in the University’s academic departments. Together with them and colleagues in the Fire Safety team and the Occupational Health Service, we ensure that the University is a safe and healthy place to work, study or visit.

Our specialist safety advisers work alongside external authorities such as the Health and Safety Executive and the Environment Agency. They also run a comprehensive programme of internal inspections, including environmental monitoring, chemical monitoring and noise surveys.

The team also delivers training courses and produces guidance documents on a wide range of topics to ensure that all University staff are equipped to deliver best practice in health and safety.

The HSO can advise on contractors who undertake work the HSO cannot do. Law, Mobile Tower inspection, fire risk assessment.

RoSPA Gold Award 2012

RoSPA Gold Award winners have achieved a very high level of performance, demonstrating well developed occupational health and safety management systems and culture, outstanding control of risk and very low levels of error, harm and loss.