Purchasing groups in Cambridge


How purchasing works in the University

Whilst the responsibility for purchasing in the University is devolved to Heads of Department, the Purchasing Working Group (PWG) is an advisory group which contributes to the formulation and dissemination of the University Procurement Procedures and Strategy. The Head of Procurement acts as Secretary to the PWG and Group Members consist of School and Non-School representation. Commodity group chairs and a cross-section of Departmental representation.  Reporting principally to the Resource Management Committee (RMC), the aim of the Group is to identify and promote best practice in purchasing. A number of subsidiary commodity purchasing groups oversee the purchase of particular categories of goods and services.

In order to help the Heads of Department in their role, and to ensure that sufficient controls are in place, the PWG have published the University's University's Procurement Procedures.

Commodity Purchasing Groups

Other elected members chair a variety of specific commodity purchasing groups, which serve as forums for the discussion of associated issues raised by effected individuals within the University, covering University policy, supplier performance, and in due course agreeing on a list of framework contracts/preferred suppliers.