International Student Team

Welcome to the International Student Team

We provide specialist support to students who come from outside the United Kingdom to study at Cambridge and to Cambridge students who study overseas as part of their course.

We specialise in:

  • United Kingdom (UK) immigration and visas for students (including full- and part-time, and visiting students);
  • Visa advice service for students and for staff who look after students;
  • Student mobility, including Erasmus, funding opportunities and information on externally offered international study;
  • Providing links to information for international students through successive stages of their student journey at Cambridge through the International Student Portal.

We are responsible for:

  • Ensuring the collegiate University complies with student immigration, in particular Tier 4 of the UK immigration points based system by setting policies and procedures relevant to student immigration;
  • Maintaining the Tier 4 Licence and Highly Trusted Sponsor licence;
  • Providing visa advice to students and their dependants in accordance with the Code set by the Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner;
  • Promoting student mobility and administering the Charter awarded to the University from the European Commission to deliver Erasmus;
  • Developing and maintaining the International Student Portal.

As a colleague in the Collegiate University, you can contact us for information about:

  • The UK immigration system for students, ATAS, visa sponsorship and compliance;
  • The visa advice service, and the framework we must adhere to;
  • Hosting visiting students;
  • Participating in Erasmus;
  • SMUTS;
  • European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System.

We are currently developing pages to provide more information to our colleagues.

As an international student, we intend that the International Student Portal will provide links to information you require throughout every stage of your student journey, from application through to opportunities after studying. For now, use these pages to find information on:

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