Clinical Trials Insurance

Research on Human Subjects

The University can arrange insurance for studies which involve the use of human subjects. However, all studies must be notified to the Insurance Section of the University prior to submission of any Ethics Committee application and before the study commencement date. Please see below for an explanation of terms and key points.

Research involving Humans and/or Human Tissue - Explanation of Terms from an Insurance Viewpoint

Key Points

  • Cover is only available where the University is either the employer of the Chief Investigator AND/OR joint or sole sponsor of the research study.

  • Cover is only in place where it has been specifically arranged. There is no automatic cover.

  • Insurance should not be assumed without a letter of confirmation from the University Insurance Manager. For these letters to be issued the application process must be followed. A final letter will be provided confirming that cover is in place.

  • The online process will issue a letter that can be used when submitting applications to the relevant Ethics Committee.

  • Following approval from the Ethics Committee the Insurance office will need to be contacted to complete the application process.

Studies are classed according to what category of risk they fall into* (*insurers definition and judgement).

  • Some trials fall into insurers non-hazardous category and cover for these studies is paid for centrally. Examples of non-hazardous studies would be blood testing or MRI scanning with no intervention.

  • Some trials are classed as standard risk. Premiums are payable by the research study and must be paid immediately. Failure to pay the premium cancels the insurance.

  • Some trials will need to be referred to insurers.

Application Process

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