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Cycle to Work Scheme

Cycle to Work important changes

Please note that some important changes have been made to the scheme in order to comply with new HMRC rules. Please see the How the Scheme Works and Frequently Asked Questions sections for more information. If you have reached the end of your 12 month hire agreement this may affect you, please call the Cyclescheme helpdesk on 0844 879 5101 for more information.

The cycle to work initiative enables employers to lease bicycles and associated safety equipment to their employees through what is called salary sacrifice. This means that employees are able to receive Income Tax and National Insurance savings on the retail price of the chosen bike and safety equipment package. The scheme is administered through a salary sacrifice/hire agreement, and is run in accordance with the Government's Green Travel Plan. Staff can select any model of bike up to a value of £2,000 through independent bike shops taking part in this scheme, thereby providing business to the local Cambridge community.

The initiative supports the University's commitment to fostering the health and well-being of staff, developing and promoting a sustainable travel policy and encouraging a cycling culture within the University. Overall it is hoped that the Cycle to Work scheme will provide an additional attractive benefit to support University employees living and working in Cambridge.

To complete an online voucher request form please visit Cyclescheme and click on ‘request a voucher’ at the top of the page. The University's employer code is a031b4.