Human Resources Division

Eligibility and criteria

2.1 The following staff are eligible for consideration under this scheme:

  • Academic-related and assistant staff at any point in their current grade provided that the grade is within the range 1–11 of the grading structure.

2.2 Postholders must have been in the post and at their current grade for at least 12 months prior to receipt of the regrading application by Grading and Reward.

2.3 Postholders must have been doing the enhanced set of duties (as covered in the updated PD33) for at least three months prior to the regrading application.

2.4 If an application for regrading is to succeed there must be clear evidence on the updated PD33 that the responsibilities and duties of the post have permanently changed to a level that would justify movement to a higher grade. The growth in the responsibilities of a post should be management led which in itself should address, in part, concerns about costs. Heads of Institutions should consult Grading and Reward before making any changes to a post if there is some uncertainty about whether a change in duties could result in a change of grade.

2.5 Temporary changes to a post or personal performance should not be the subject of regrading applications — there are alternative means of financial recognition in such circumstances, advice should be sought from the HR Business Managers and Advisers.

2.6 The following are not sufficient grounds for regrading:

  • future or possible development of the post
  • an increase in the volume of work
  • an increase in the capabilities of the postholder

2.7 Proposals regarding restructuring are not covered by the Scheme and advice should be sought from the HR Business Manager/Grading and Reward.