Human Resources Division

Appeals process

5.1 The appeal should be submitted by the postholder using the appeal form within three weeks of notification of the grading outcome. Please refer to this document for further guidance. Appeals may be submitted by the post holder whether supported by the Head of Institution or otherwise but the form must be countersigned by the Head of Institution to indicate that s/he is aware of the appeal. The line manager should also be made aware that an appeal is being submitted. The appellant may find the following document useful:

5.2 Participants in the appeal hearing will include:

  1. an appeal panel (see below)
  2. the appellant
  3. a person invited by the appellant to accompany and/or represent him or her (i.e. an individual employed by the University who is either a work colleague or a trades union representative, and/or or a trades union representative employed by that trades union)
  4. the Head of Institution (or authorised deputy)
  5. a role analyst
  6. secretarial support to the panel (designated by the HR Division)

5.3 The appeal panel will consist of four trained persons not having previously been involved in determining the outcome for the post, as follows:

  • two members nominated by trades unions (other than any trades union representative accompanying the appellant
  • two members nominated by the University

5.4 The aim will be to select trained appeal panel members from nominations in a different school or equivalent Institution to that of the appellant. Appeal panels will be gender-balanced where possible given the availability of trained panellists. Appeal panel members will be expected to declare any interest that may affect the impartial consideration of the appeal, or may be perceived by others to do so. The appellant will have an opportunity to raise an objection against one member of the appeal panel in advance of the hearing.

5.5 All posts submitted for appeal will have been HERA scored by Grading and Reward in advance of the hearing. The total HERA score will be made known to the Head of Institution and appellant in advance of the hearing, together with feedback on how the role is perceived by HERA and a breakdown of the HERA score for each HERA element out of the possible score for each HERA element.

5.6 The following documents will be available to members of the appeal panel:

  1. the original PD33
  2. the total HERA score and the relevant scoring, together with feedback on how the role is perceived by HERA, and a breakdown of the HERA score for each HERA element out of the possible score for each HERA element
  3. the determination of the grade
  4. the completed appeal form

5.7 The Chair shall effect the introduction of all parties present and their intended role in the proceedings and emphasise the need for an open discussion between the parties, allowing for questions to be asked.

5.8 Subject to the aim of 5.7 above, the Chair shall organise the hearing of evidence as follows:

  1. the role analyst explains the reasons for the grading decision
  2. the appellant and/or their representative gives evidence in support of the appeal
  3. the Head of the Institution gives evidence on behalf of the Institution

5.9 At the close of the hearing the appeal panel shall consider the evidence in private supported by the panel secretary and, for the purpose of HERA scoring, the role analyst.

5.10 The appeal panel shall be able to accept or challenge the level chosen by Grading and Reward for any HERA element.

5.11 Where the level is challenged, the appeal panel shall be able to require an amended HERA scoring by the role analyst based on its determination for any HERA element.

5.12 The outcome from the appeal will rest on the aggregate HERA score following the determination by the appeal panel of the appropriate level for each HERA element.

5.13 The outcome from the appeal hearing shall be confirmed in writing to the appellant and departmental representative as soon as possible following the appeal hearing. The outcome will be determined as:

  1. the same grade as that determined originally
  2. a higher grade than that determined originally

5.14 The appeal outcome determined by HERA scoring will be final and will replace any outcome previously determined; it will be effective from the implementation date as defined above.

5.15 Where the appeal has failed, the notification shall include feedback on the panel's deliberations and factors supporting the decision.