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Researcher Development Programme: : PPD

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Researcher Development Programme

Training and development for Cambridge researchers, including managing research projects and managing your time, as well as opportunities to develop your approaches to communicating, presenting and working effectively in Cambridge's demanding academic cultures. For those who teach, we run short workshops as well as a flexibly structured, accredited 'Teaching Associates Programme'.

Much of our core programme is available for all research students and postdoctoral researchers at the University of Cambridge. Some courses are specifically for PhD students (including for those at particular stages of a programme of study) and others for research staff / postdocs.  For those in the middle and later stages of their PhDs, find out more about Cambridge’s residential GRADSchool. To check eligibility please refer to the individual course on the University Training Booking System or contact the Researcher Development admin team.

Our newsletters include details of further courses, as well as details of training and development provided for research students by other Departments and groupings within the University

Working with you

There are many ways that we can work with you to develop your skills. We offer 1:1 skills analysis sessions; the skills survey online; and focus groups. We aim to understand your requirements through focus groups and feedback on courses. We are always happy to receive and discuss ideas for new training. We are also able to advertise other events that you know about relating to skills development, for example, those organized by student societies.