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Pathways in Higher Education Practice (PHEP): : PPD


Pathways in Higher Education Practice (PHEP)

PHEP provides personal, flexible orientation and professional development during the probationary period of newly appointed Lecturers. It complements University/Faculty/Departmental/College induction and development.

Our ethos: PHEP believes that meaningful professional development should be owned and driven by you. PHEP is designed to take full account of your experience and career history, priorities and busy life.

PHEP provides an opportunity to reflect on the challenges of working in Cambridge, on key professional aspects and career goals.

PHEP builds on two initial compulsory components: a one-to-one meeting and a Seminar and addresses the three main focal points of academic probation: teaching, research and administration. PHEP promotes continuous professional development and reflective practice and a range of further opportunities.

You are encouraged to arrange follow-up individual meetings with the PHEP consultant at any stage of your probation.

You are strongly recommended to engage with PHEP from the first stages of your appointment - and you are welcome to maintain links after the successful completion of your probation.

For any queries, please contact the PHEP consultant.

Feedback on previous seminars

Very useful, well organised and great learning environment

Tremendously informative and rewarding

Really opened my eyes to the bigger picture

I gained significant insight into my academic life from listening to the experiences of fellow colleagues

Very thought provoking - the open and honest nature of the discussions was very helpful

How to apply

Complete and return the registration form or contact Dr Anna Gannon