Graduated Return from Maternity/Adoption Leave Scheme

A member of staff returning from maternity or adoption leave can request to return to work on a graduated basis, provided that their institution can make arrangements to cover their duties at no extra cost to the University. Any agreement to a change in working arrangements will be considered on the basis of the operational requirements of the department. If a member of staff wishes to discuss any change in their working arrangements on return to work, they must contact their Head of Department or Departmental Administrator at the earliest opportunity and, where possible, not later than eight weeks before they return to work.

A graduated return allows a member of staff to return to work following maternity or adoption leave initially for a minimum 20% of full-time. It is expected that the member of staff will then increase their hours over the following 12 months, e.g. rising to 50 per cent or more within 6 months and be back to full-time within 12 months following their initial date of return.

Making an application

Before making an application to return to work on a graduated basis the member of staff should carefully consider the effect on their pay, pension contributions, and benefits since they will also be reduced on a pro rata basis. They may wish to seek advice from the Pensions Office about the implications on their pension. (See Appendix 2 of the Flexible Working Policy for details of sabbatical leave provision for University Teaching Officers working less than full-time).

The member of staff should apply using the CHRIS/70 to the Head of institution, specifying the details of the graduated return being requested and be prepared to meet to discuss the application in more detail.

All applications will be carefully considered by the Head of Institution, taking into account operational requirements and the nature of the member of staff's post, when deciding whether the proposed arrangements can be accommodated within the institution concerned. If the application is approved the Head of Institution will forward the CHRIS/70 to the HR Division, attaching details of the agreed working (in the case of Officers the application should be forwarded to the competent authority for their approval).