Glossary of terms

All academic and academic-related departments, including administrative units, libraries, museums, and any other individual sections or units of the University.
Head of institution
Means the Head of a Department, Chair of a Board of a Faculty not organized into Departments, Director or the authorized deputy or designated nominee, as appropriate within that institution.
Part-time working
The member of staff is working less than full-time hours.
Term-time working
Makes it possible for permanent employees to take unpaid leave during school holidays.
Two part-time employees sharing the duties of a post normally done by one. Job-sharers divide pay, holiday, and other benefits.
Compressed working hours
Lets people work their total number of hours over fewer days. For example, working full-time hours over four days a week instead of five, or working nine days a fortnight instead of ten.
Annualized hours
Total working hours are calculated over a year rather than a week. This means people can work according to the peaks and troughs of activity over the year.
Staggered hours
Employees have different start, finish, and break times. This allows employers to cover longer operational hours. It also offers employees more flexibility, as long as they are consulted first.
Lets people choose when they work, usually outside agreed core times. This means staff can vary their start, finish, and break times each day.
Working from home
Has been made easier due to new technology. It is possible for a range of types of work. It can be an appropriate option in circumstances where a member of staff needs to be based at home on an occasional basis or for a limited period of time.
Involves working at home, and using a telephone and computer to keep in touch with work. A proposal to work at home needs to be carefully reviewed in terms of the cost of providing equipment; health and safety and communications considerations; security, data protection, and other legal issues; working and reporting relationships and any requirements to attend work to perform the duties of the post.