Career and personal development

Research staff are a highly qualified, skilled and experienced workforce and it is in the best interests of the University to retain and utilise their expertise. However, due to the nature of funding of the majority of research projects, it is inevitable that the University will have to terminate the employment of some research staff at the end of projects. Therefore, it is important that you are fully equipped for that eventuality by taking responsibility for your future career throughout the period of your employment.

Research staff make an important contribution to the work of the University and it is important that they receive appropriate and timely advice and support. In addition to following the career management processes of probation and review set out below, you should seek out opportunities for career and personal development, supported by your Head of Institution or supervisor (see examples set out in the ECMS).

Your supervisor will keep you aware of the current and prospective state of the funding of the project and the potential for existing funding being extended or, most importantly, not being extended.

Early on in your appointment, a general discussion will be held with you to help clarify your career aspirations and to identify, in general terms, those skills, knowledge and/or experience which need to be developed in order to support your career aspirations. It is recognised that these aspirations may change, and that any change may affect these development needs.

You should request regular meetings with your supervisor to discuss your progress and career plans. These meetings will provide an opportunity to discuss career aspirations, performance on the research project, and further training or development priorities. Formal career management review (appraisal) meetings should be held with your supervisor at regular intervals, and at least every two years.

The University's Careers Service provides support to research staff via a dedicated web page, access to publications and vacancies information and careers events.