Career Management Processes: Guidance for contract research staff

This document provides detailed guidance to researchers and their supervisors on HR processes supporting the Employment and Career Management Scheme (ECMS) launched in April 2011, including induction, probation and appraisal (known as career management review). The adoption and launch of the ECMS represents a major indicator of Concordat implementation in Cambridge. Researchers and supervisors/PIs are advised to read the ECMS carefully since it sets the context within which probation and appraisal takes place; researchers should use the career management tool and supervisors/PIs should read the guidance for PIs/Supervisors included within the Scheme. They should also refer to institutional documentation which may have been developed using the ECMS as a framework, contacting the relevant institutional administrator for details.

The aim of this guidance, in line with the ECMS, is to facilitate the career management process whereby researchers, with the support of their supervisors, identify their career aspirations early on in their employment with the University, analyse their skills requirements and development needs, then take forward an action plan to meet them. This guidance therefore sets out in detail the probationary procedure for research staff and arrangements for career management review within the general framework for appraisal in the University, including subsequent reviews of work performance, personal development needs and career aims. These details may be adapted by institutions, in consultation with the relevant HR Business Manager/HR Adviser, to meet local requirements. Such changes will be documented.