Welcome to the Human Resources Division

2014/15 Pay Award

The 2014/15 national pay negotiations have now concluded. The Universities and Colleges Employers Association (UCEA), which negotiates the national pay award on behalf of UK higher education employers, has advised that the University may now prepare for implementation of a 2% increase in the salaries of non-clinical academic and academic-related staff, and assistant staff, with an additional £60 on point 1 of the national salary spine (point 13 on the University's single salary spine).

The Council and the General Board have agreed that the increases should be made in all relevant stipends and salaries with effect from 1 August 2014. As the stipends and salaries of certain University staff require the approval of the Regent House, the Council submitted a Grace and this has been approved. The increases in the relevant salaries will be paid to staff in the August 2014 payroll.

The Division provides a range of services to leaders and staff across the University. The Division works closely with staff with HR responsibilities in Institutions, and devises HR policies, procedures and initiatives to promote the University's objectives of being a good employer.

We have a team of specialist HR Business Managers who are each assigned to a School (and 1 for the UAS and the non-School Institutions). The HR Business Managers and their teams are supported by HR Business Services, who administer the University's payroll, maintain staff records and report on staff-based statistics. The Division also includes the Disability Resource Centre, Occupational Health, Counselling, Dentistry, Safety Office, Pensions and Childcare — these sections provide a service to all staff, but also work with the HR Business Managers, to provide an integrated service.

Finally, as well as offering guidance on employing staff, our recruitment team produces a listing on the University's job vacancies and runs the Temporary Employment Service which supplies support staff to University departments. Our Centre for Personal and Professional Development provides a range of training and development opportunities for all University staff and our Equality and Diversity team ensures the University is compliant with regard to diversity legislation while providing welfare support for all employees.