Standard identifiers

The identifier is a core element of the visual identity of the University. It is a recognisable and distinctive image that has strong associations across the world and should not be compromised.

The identifier is available in a range of formats that should be suitable for any communication requirements.

If you cannot find the identifier you need, need help downloading, using the files or are not sure it is appropriate for the identifier to be used please contact

Guidance on using the identifiers is available in the identity guidelines (PDF - 9.1MB).

Our core element

Standard University logo - colour

Colour identifier

For professionally printed applications: CMYK EPS, Pantone EPS
For desktop publishing: CMYK, Pantone and RGB JPEG'S as a zip file
For online usage: Colour GIF

Standard University logo - black and white

Black and white identifier

For professionally printed applications: Black and white EPS
For desktop publishing: Black and white Jpeg
For online usage: Black and white GIF

Standard University logo - Colour on black

Reversed colour identifier

For professionally printed applications: Reversed CYMK EPS, Reversed Pantone EPS

Standard University logo - White on black

Reversed black and white identifier

For professional printed applications: White EPS