PDP, careers, transferable skills and progress files: guidance for Tutors

This website describes University and/or College provision in the three areas of:

  1. careers guidance
  2. transferable skills
  3. personal development planning/progress files.

It also offers guidance on good practice and how you might help your students make the most of this provision.

The three areas are grouped together because their contribution to a student's experience in Cambridge overlaps to some degree. The kinds of skills that a student will be introduced to by a visit to the Careers Service will be similar to the transferable skills that he or she may acquire in other aspects of university life, and will form part of the experience that may be logged in progress files.

You might also like to visit the transferable skills for undergraduate students.

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The personal development planning (PDP) Project is sponsored by the Senior Tutors' Standing Committee on Welfare and Finance, and is managed by Educational and Student Policy of the Academic Division.

Feedback from Tutors, DoSs and Supervisors is welcomed and should be emailed to Dr Katherine Wallington at katherine.wallington@admin.cam.ac.uk. We are especially interested in your recommendations for resources and improvements to the site.