Membership of the Information Strategy and Services Syndicate by Regulation

  • The Vice-Chancellor (or a duly appointed deputy) to Chair
  • Three persons nominated by the Council
  • Three persons nominated by the Colleges
  • Three persons nominated by the General Board
  • Two persons elected by the staff, one from each of UCS and MISD
  • Two students including at least one graduate student
  • Up to two co-opted persons
  • With the Registrary, the University Librarian, and the Directors of the UCS, MISD, and the Finance Division having the right to attend.

With the right to Attend

  • The Registrary
  • The University Librarian
  • The Director of Management Information Services
  • The Director of the University Computing Service
  • The Director of Finance

To attend by right of Standing Invitation

  • Pro-Vice Chancellor, Planning and Resources