Appointment to



The Information Services Committee consists of:


The Vice-Chancellor (or a duly appointed deputy) as Chairman

Professor Duncan Maskell, Senior Pro-Vice Chancellor




Three persons appointed by the Council after consultation with the General Board

Professor Ian Leslie

31 December 2016


Dr Rachael Padman

31 December 2019


Professor Graham Virgo, Pro-Vice-Chancellor for Education

31 December 2018



One person appointed by the Council who is not a member of the Regent House

Ms Alison Allden, Chief Executive of HESA

31 December 2016



Three persons appointed from among the Heads of the Schools by the General Board

Professor Philip Allmendinger (SHSS)

31 December 2018


Professor Patrick Maxwell (SCM)

31 December 2019


Professor Richard Prager (ST)

31 December 2017



Two persons appointed by the Colleges' Committee

Mr David Ball, Bursar of Christ's College

31 December 2017


Dr Matthias Dörrzapf, Senior Tutor of St John's

31 December 2016



One person appointed by the Library Syndicate

Professor Chris Young, Acting University Librarian

31 December 2017



The Registrary

Dr Jonathan Nicholls




Two members of the University in statu pupillari, co-opted by the Committee, one of whom shall be a graduate student;

Mr Chad Allen, President, Graduate Union

31 December 2017


Mr Ametey Doku, President, CUSU

31 December 2017


One person co-opted by the Committee, although it shall not be obligatory for the Committee to exercise this power

Mr Ian Watmore

31 December 2018